Meet The Team – Get to know Irene Durán, Senior QA Engineer and QA Community lead at Capitole

For the International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight one of the many women of our team, Irene Durán. Her story shows the achievements and challenges faced by women in technology, offering valuable insights into her journey as a QA engineer.


What motivated you to pursue a career in technology, specifically in QA?

Irene: Although it may sound cliché, I’ve been passionate about science and mathematics since I was young. The desire to understand the origin and functioning of everything around me led me to the great challenge of studying physics. I’ve always enjoyed challenges, and for me, the greatest challenge is being involved in solutions to everyday problems. Witnessing the explosion of the digital era has been fascinating, and ending up in the IT world has been the result. My dedication specifically to QA is due to both my thirst for knowledge and my obsessive drive to solve the errors I encounter 😉

As a QA tester and the QA community lead at Capitole, what are your main responsibilities and how do you tackle challenges in your daily work?

Irene: The responsibilities are varied: from test planning to automation and execution. For me, in product development, quality mostly resides in the process. If the path is good, so is the destination. In my day-to-day, I not only focus on ensuring that the product I validate meets quality requirements, but I also try to identify which process flows can be improved. Collaborating closely with different team members is challenging at times since testers are often seen as the villains and tend to be the last in the development chain. Constructive communication and the ability to adapt to timelines are key. As the community QA lead, my responsibilities are in themselves a major challenge: delivering current and interesting content for different profiles.

What has been your personal experience as a woman in the tech industry, and how do you think it has evolved over the years?

Irene: Paradoxically, I’ve encountered more difficulties during my student days than in my professional life. I was judged on several occasions for wanting to enter the notoriously called “men’s world,” putting all my effort into proving that I was capable of it. However, once I joined the workforce, I rarely experienced similar situations. My skills were valued, and I experienced an inclusive atmosphere. Throughout my short life, I’ve seen progress in ending that stigma in the industry, although there is still a long way to go.

Can you share a project or achievement that you are particularly proud of in your career as a QA tester?

Irene: My greatest achievement is more personal than professional. I’m quite proud of being very versatile: I’ve worked on projects in different industries, with various methodologies and technologies. When I started as a QA, I specialized in the automotive sector, and upon joining Capitole as a web application QA tester, my technical knowledge was much more limited than that of other colleagues. Perseverance and the desire for improvement have been key factors in catching up with colleagues who had been in the industry for years.

What is your vision for the future of women in the tech industry, especially in technical roles like yours?

Irene: As I mentioned before, there is still a long way to go. There is no future without knowing our past, filled with great female technology pioneers overlooked throughout history. Having visible role models is crucial for more women to feel encouraged to contribute to the sector. Currently, we are a pioneering generation in providing visibility and breaking stigmas. I see a lot of progress, and sincerely, I hope that gender will not be an obstacle to taking advantage of the future opportunities that this industry offers.

What advice would you give to young women considering a career in technology, especially in technical roles like QA?

Irene: Follow your passion and don’t pay attention to negative comments. Gender is not a limiting factor to pursue a technical role; success lies in the skills developed and the effort put into it. And if they are as meticulous as I am, envision a future as a QA 🙂

Irene Durán, Senior QA Engineer and QA Community lead

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