Our partnership with the Microsoft Partner Network provides us with resources to build and deliver innovative solutions tailored to our customers. 

  • Cloud solutions in Azure,
  • Websites
  • Desktop applications
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Licenses. 
Microsoft silver partner

ISTQB is a world-leading certification for mobile testing, performance testing, usability testing, business analysis, and more. 

Capitole QA Factory engineers are certified to ensure the best performance of our customer’s solutions. 

Capitole is a Partner of the Agile Testing Fellowship : an International Community of agile testers who share their experience and knowledge on agile testing and support each other’s work. We are a training provider on Agile Testing: a practical guide to agile testing for testers, and the all team.

Capitole is an official UIPath Partner. As a partner, we are a trusted supplier of Uipath. We guarantee certified consultants, who focus on implementing RPA projects with the clear market leader tool identified by Gartner, Forrester and other leading industry analysts.

OVHcloud is an infrastructure provider offering last generation cloud solutions. 

Capitole works with different cloud providers to offer the best cloud solutions adapted to any type of customer. 

OVHcloud advanced partner
IBM business partner

With IBM Business Partner we have access to all of IBM’s resources to deliver the differentiated solutions our clients need to drive growth.

We are SCRUMstudy™ partners, all our certified coaches/consultants undergo a rigorous assessment process that requires them to exhibit proficiency in the concepts of Scrum and Agile, and successfully pass three SCRUMstudy™ certification exams.

Only Couchbase is built with the latest and most powerful NoSQL technology that lets you differentiate your company from your competitors.
As Couchbase partner, we give you 10x the opportunity to create or grow a thriving practice around Enterprise NoSQL.

In equinix the most important suppliers of the world are associated. As an equinix partner, we help you implement the solutions to grow your business, expand your reach and increase your profitability.

With our partnership with Atlassian we offer consulting, accredited services, applications, integrations and customized solutions. We make work easier for companies by offering the fundamental tools and the best services of Atlassian products.

OVHcloud startup partner

OVHcloud Startup Partner: startup accelerator. We offer reliability and security to innovative companies, helping them drive exponential growth on a global scale.